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Beats for Sale

Mixing & Mastering

Matt “Million Dollar Mateo” Hayes



Lead Mixing Engineer

With an impressive and diverse list of clients, Matt Hayes brings a solid engineering presence to Atlanta’s music industry. He currently works out of multiple studios in the Atlanta area via Milk Money Consulting. Matt realized his calling for a professional career in music after graduating with a B.B.A. from Florida International University in 2004. He enrolled at SAE Institute Miami and earned an Audio Technology Diploma and a WAVES Certification.

“I actually started (professional) work at the SAE Campus in Miami in 2006, shortly after graduation. I became an instructor at SAE Atlanta in 2009 when I moved here.”

Matt has over 15 years of musicianship under his belt, spanning piano, drums, 6-string and bass guitar. He is fluent in Pro Tools, Logic, Celemony Melodyne, and Propellerhead’s Reason. The consoles he has worked on include various SSL boards, a Neve VR 60, an assortment of API consoles, Yamaha O2R and O1V, many Avid and Euphonix control surfaces, and various Mackie, Toft and Midas consoles.

Mixing Engineer:

As the mix and recording Engineer for Yelawolf’s Album “Love Story”, Matt Has mixed Nikkiya, Yelawolf, Killer Mike, Asia Major and Waka Flocka Flame, Rittz, Tech N9ne, SJ Boyz, Dizzy Wright, Nappy Roots, Big Page, Struggle, Anne Harper, Bob Schneider, Sonia Leigh, Pana Yota, Emilio Rojas, Shawty Fatt, Jackie Chain, Diamond, STS, John Hope, Sizzle, Rein, Input, Chris Webby, Method Man, Jon Connor, Prodigy, Trina Kay, The Outlawz, K Smith, John Wade & J.O. Cool, Stevie Lee Combs, Cinema Tunes, Raden, Ketchy Shuby, Disguised as Heroes, Lars Vaular, Le Sexoflex, Caleb Grimes, Side Project, Death On Wheels, Young Orchids, Yoki Martin, Trinidad James, RyattFienix


Tracking Engineer:

Diamond, Chris Webby, Smoke, Chizzy, Cinema Tunes, Charlie Wooton, DJ Hurricane, Sonia Leigh, Young Orchids, Death On Wheels, Mindless Behavior, Caleb Grimes, The Mad Violinist, Pryce, Huey, Lights Down Low, The Outlawz, Nappy Roots, Dizzy Wright, Bob Schneider, Jawan Harris, Scrilla, Input, Side Project, Ike Stubblefield, Freddy V, Stevie Lee Combs, Anne Harper, Rein, Emilio Rojas, STS, Gangsta Boo, Jackie Chain, Will Brennan, Nikkiya, Shawty Fatt, Rittz, Yelawolf, Struggle, Big Page, Future, Bangladesh, Keke Palmer, Rock City, RyattFienix


Irvin Johnson

Irvin Johnson is one of the world’s most in-demand mastering engineers, putting the finishing touches to projects across virtually every genre of music.

Irvin brings a unique combination of technical expertise and creative feel that allows him to constantly re-define the sonic limits of CDs, Mp3s, DVDs, vinyl records and every other format he has ever worked with.

Almost immediately, Irvin is rising to prominence with a string of hit projects, including YelaWolf, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, (producer) WillPower, (Grammy producer) Needles, Tech N9ne, Rittz, Nikkiya, RyattFienix. Irvin Johnson has spearheaded a number of proprietary developments that have kept Columbia Sounds Mastering at the forefront of mastering technology.