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Februrary 1, 2014, marks the launch of SupaHotBeats.net. Thank you for visiting. This website is where you will get information about SupaHotBeats in every capacity. Our Brand includes producers, artist, engineers, songwriters, and a record label. We are very proud to finally give our supporters, fans, friends and family a specific place to come experience our movement. We started this brand in 2002 in Columbia SC. We’ve been steadily growing ever since, now in 2014 we have a story to tell and a website to share our story through. Check back with us weekly. We will be posting music related topics, images, videos and podcast. So with all the excitement moving forward, myself and the amazing team of SupaHotBeats, wants to thank you in advance for rocking out with us. I also want to thank our team: Tasha Brown, Angela Woodley, Epheriam Michael, Brian Bell, Irvin Johnson, Matthew Hayes, and Denver Moon. Y’all give it up to THE HYDRILLA for KILLING THIS SITE!!!

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